NAMEMarshmellow Mong

Main scent: Toasted Marshmallow

Main ingredientstbc

Fragrances: Caramelised sugar such as atop Creme Brulé & the Toasted Marshmallow – is paired up with more subtle yet still easily attainable notes of Whiskey & fudge, sweet, sticky, smooth buttery Fudge!


I remember those adverts for some sort of soup in a mug – where there was this huge great big blue fluffy thing, ambling about hugging people. Well that same warm, content fuzzy feeling that one attains, in various scenarios, can also be –at least partially obtained– via sense of smell & certain types of smell in particular (I reckon, although it may simply be subjective)

Warm feelings equates to sweets, roasted toasted sweets

Vanilla, smooth, hot or cold, ice cream, rich thick dairy ice cream

Warming too is whiskey; after a rank ramble through sideways sleet & blizzard, a nice neat double gans doon’ a treat!